Professional past


2009 – 2014         UNOO & De Praktijk Van

As a consultant my colleagues and I designed and guided strategy, organizational development and leadership programmes predominantly related to transformation using two labels (UNOO: international & boards; De Praktijk Van (DPV): operational levels in NL).

2004 – 2008         Pentascope

COO and later CEO of consultancy company specialized in Implementation and change. Highly visionary and human centered organization. In 2005 Pentascope became #1 in MT100 as best consultancy company according to clients as well as #1 in the Great Place to Work ranking and employed 300 consultants. Projects included leadership and change management for medium sized and large organisations.

1997 – 2003         Meeting More Minds

Co-founder and co-owner of company specialized in participative strategy development and networking organizations. We designed and executed projects for (multinational) companies and public sector (e.g. ministries, universities, local governments). In addition, we set up an intercompany network focused on intercompany learning and innovation between 10 companies using e-learning and communities.

1993 - 1997           TIP Consultancy

Co-founder and co-owner of consulting company specialized in market entry strategies for mobile telecoms in various European countries. Key customers included premier telecom operators and vendors.

1988 - 1992           Start up ventures - Market research & Communications

Co founder / co owner of two companies:

Adtension - advertising company specialized in organisational branding.

VABA Retail Services - market research company specialized in store visits and telephone surveys.


2006 – 2007     PLUK

For three years I was a member of the board of cooperative of approximately 25 organisations that collaborate to initiate societal renewal applying TheoryU.

2010 – 2012     Health Innovation Lab - Transformation in Health Care

Co-funded and co-led Health Innovation Lab, a project designed by Hein Dijksterhuis (UNOO) and Jan van der Greef (TNO) together with Otto Scharmer (Presencing Institute) to develop a vision for the transformation of the Health Care Sector in The Netherlands, through combining the ideas and practices of innovators in health care.

1998 – 2003     Social Adventures - Diversity

Co-founder of a foundation that created opportunities for high potentials with a bi-cultural background through language skills, communication skills and networks.


1993 – present  Initiated and/or participated in ventures, for example:

  1.   C-United Europe (1995 - present) - Organic farming,

  2.   www.huurhuisnederland.nl (2012 - 2013) - Portal,

  3. IiD (1998 - 2001) - internet portals (www.b9.nl),

  4.   Webtrain (1996 - 1998) - internet training.

I addition, I was member of the Supervisory Board of internet agency TamTam, (1998 - 2012).


2011 – 2013     ECOtherapy, professionally working with energies

2012                Intuitive skill development, Jennie Keuning/Duinlust

2011                Alchemy of Leadership, 4 dimensional leadership, Dirk Oellibrandt/Life Projects

2010 – 2012     Group and systems dynamics, Weisfelt & Partners

2010                Leading Change in Complex Organisations, MiT, Cambridge, USA

2008 – 2009     Professional coach/therapist, Weisfelt & Partners

1992 – 1993     Full time International MBA programme (MBA/drs), Universiteit Nyenrode

1985 – 1988     Undergraduate business administration (BBA), Universiteit Nyenrode

1978 – 1985     VWO-B, Revius Lyceum, Doorn

Publications (in Dutch)

Journal articles

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Touching the Community Soul, written by Jaspar Roos and Caroline Dekker, (2013)

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