What am I working on now?

2014 – present     Aberkyn

At Aberkyn, we develop leaders who transform themselves, their teams and their organisations. Aberkyn was founded with McKinsey & Company in 2012.

2009 – present    Touching the Community Soul

In 2009 I initiated action an action learning & action research programme on societal, organizational and leadership transformation, named Touching the Community Soul (co-branded by Nyenrode Business University). The programme explores the organisational principles of a new era, including the integration of IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ in leadership. Approximately 300 leaders of over 30 organisations have participated since the start. Half of the organisations have been involved for 3 years or longer. 

1996 – present     Nyenrode Business Universiteit - Strategy Center

As a member of the Strategy Center, I predominantly teach in part time and executive programmes and guide students with their thesis research. Fields of expertise: participative strategy development, organization innovation and implementation & change.

2009 – present    PHD - Synchronicity

My PHD topic is "Synchronicity as an organisational principle" with the research questions: What conditions create synchronicity? I am conducting the preparatory exploration including building a preliminary conceptual framework.

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